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At a Glance

Founded by a group of students in the fall of 2007, the Burning Kumquat is a low-impact, intensive garden on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis. The Burning Kumquat is joining a number of urban and campus farms in raising consciousness of community, food, and environmental issues.


Our purpose is to empower each other with the shared experience of practicing sustainable urban agriculture. The farm is a place where Washington University (Wash U) and the surrounding community can reconnect with and care for the land. Through the work and joy of growing food, we hope to inspire responsible food practices and to provide local produce in our community.


The Burning Kumquat is located on the residential campus of Wash U, near the intersection of Forsyth Boulevard and Wallace Drive. Approximately 7840 square feet, the site includes 17 raised beds, compost piles, a drip irrigation system, and stations to process and refrigerate produce. The farm uses natural fertilizers such as fish emulsion and compost.



The Burning Kumquat received start-up funds from the Wash U’s Campus Enrichment Fund through Student Union. The farm is recognized as a community garden by Gateway Greening, which provided a grant that paid for the majority of its soil. The farm started its seeds in the Jeanette Goldfarb Plant Growth Facility at Wash U. The Burning Kumquat appreciates the support and advice it has received along the way, especially from faculty at Wash U and friends at New Roots Urban Farm.



The Burning Kumquat grows a variety of produce from seed, such as basil, corn, okra, strawberries,tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. The first harvest yielded radishes, lettuce, and snow peas.


During the summer, the farm sells at the North City Market in St. Louis and will sell on the Wash U campus during the school year.



Anyone can join the mailing list to hear about upcoming events by emailing Anyone is invited to come to weekly workdays at the farm or weekly meetings.

Work day: June-August: Fridays, 8 a.m.; September-May: Saturdays, 9 a.m.

Meetings: Wednesdays at 8:00pm in the Danforth University Center.


Check out the Events/Calendar section for more info on our happenings.

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Wow! This is great! I love Kumquats.
Posted 17:46, 7 May 2008
note to self/all: the harvest updates/records are severely lacking. i know this is my area... i also don't know how to update vidya's spreadsheet? if you have any old harvest records floating around, send them my way. (10.17.08 = 2.5 lbs tomatoes, .5 lbs okra, 1 lb peppers, 2.25 lbs japanese eggplant = 6.25 lbs)
Posted 22:56, 28 Oct 2008
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